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It isn’t enough to just install a firewall and hope it protects you. Security tools need to fed with the latest threat intelligence on what the attackers are actually doing. Our Well Feed Intelligence products are used by thousands of organizations all over the world to protect themselves and their customers.
Using our novel techniques, we surveil attackers to see where they actually live so you have the latest information to feed into your security tools or SIEM to protect yourself. With Well Fed, you can be sure your security tools are fed with the latest information they need to keep you safe.

This system provides one of the largest repositories of curated threat intelligence that is publicly available. Approximately one million malicious domains are monitored every hour and are curated and whitelisted to ensure that you have reliable information you need to protect yourself from cybercriminals. With Well Fed, your security tools are more effective.

We offer both end-user organization licenses and licenses to security companies and MSSPs. Reach out today to learn how Well Fed can protect your digital assets today.

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